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Located in Belfast, Wheels in Motion can help refurbish your car's alloy wheels in no time. Not just refurbishing, we can also polish, spray and straighten your car's wheels, at a very competitive rate. Contact us today for a free quote on your project.

"I left my wheels to Stephen last Sunday.

I had a set of 18 inch Mercedes Alphards which were in a sorry state from the previous owner scuffing and kerbing them, also the paint was flaking. I wanted them polished to a mirror finish.


Stephen polished them to a point that they look chromed, all the kerb marks are gone and now the wheels are in better shape than they left the factory in. I found Stephen on yell.com and then after

I got his price asked around. I was told he is the best in Belfast and will do an honest top-notch job. I am a perfectionist and I am delighted with his work. So much so I almost wish I had another

set for him to do which I'm sure I will soon!"


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